5 Ways to Start Wedding Planning Off Right

September 3, 2019

  1. […] mentioned this in my 5 ways to start wedding planning off right blog, but I’m going to repeat it here. Often when a couple doesn’t hire a planner, your […]

  2. […] Big weddings ain’t cheap! Having a smaller guest list gives you more freedom to spend your budget how you’d like. So many people don’t realize that most of your wedding budget goes towards wining and dining your guests, and furnishing your guest tables. Think about it: 10 less people = 1 less table, 1 less floral arrangement/tablecloth, 10 less meals, 50-70 less drinks, 10 less chairs, etc. (See more about starting wedding planning off right HERE!)  […]

  3. […] not sure about hiring a wedding planner vs. DIY? Check out my blog posts about 5 ways to start out wedding planning right + 10 reasons you should hire a wedding […]

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