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7 Unique Wedding Send-Off Ideas and Sparkler Exit Alternatives

Sep 1

Can’t use sparklers at your wedding? Alternative wedding send-off ideas

Sparklers have become one of the most popular ways to do a grand exit! The sparkler, the romance, the dash towards the getaway car. It’s everything dreams are made of! However, there are quite a few reasons why couples must look for wedding exit sparkler alternatives. Some wedding venues don’t allow the use of sparklers, there may be a burn ban locally (or some states don’t allow the use of sparklers at all). No matter what the reason is that you’re looking alternative wedding send-off ideas, there are still plenty of ways to have your guests send you off in style. Here are some options we love!

1. Lavender

This one is one of my favorites since it’s biodegradable and it closely mirrors confetti on camera. It smells heavenly too 😉 Just make sure your friends and family know not to throw the confetti at you – they need to throw it over you, or else it’s easy to get in your eye! BUY IT HERE

Wedding Send-Off Ideas

2. Confetti poppers

I haven’t had a wedding do confetti poppers yet, BUT I have used them at an engagement session before and I love the way it looks in photos! Stores like Amazon have lots of options to order in bulk and often have biodegradable versions, too! BUY IT HERE

Wedding Send-Off Ideas

3. Rose petals

Another favorite! Rose petals are soft, beautiful and smell so good! Plus what’s more romantic than flower petals? BUY IT HERE

Wedding Send-Off Ideas

4. Ribbon sticks

This was a new one to me, but this couple did ribbon streamers to match their wedding colors. It was so playful and romantic, plus no one got anything in their eye or got burned 😉 BUY IT HERE

Wedding Send-Off Ideas


5. Bubbles

Using bubbles is easy and playful, BUT make sure you purchase bubble machines and bubble guns that way you don’t have a sad exit with just a few bubbles! BUY IT HERE

Wedding Send-Off IdeasWedding Send-Off Ideas

6. Pom-poms

Are you both from the same alma mater like this couple was (Wreck ‘Em Tech!)? Have the ultimate send off with school spirit poms at your exit! BUY IT HERE

Wedding Send-Off Ideas


7. Glow Sticks

Want to keep the party going during your exit? Try glowsticks! Just make sure you have a wide enough walkway do you don’t get pegged in the face with a glowstick – ouch! BUY IT HERE!

Wedding Send-Off Ideas

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  1. James Borst

    October 29th, 2019 at 9:39 pm

    My daughter is getting married in two months and we have been looking for fun ways to send her and my future son-in-law off. Using something that is biodegradable like lavender seems like a great alternative to confetti. We’ve may also rent a limo for them so they can have an extra special send off.

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