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Besides getting married, family is the most important part of your wedding day! There are very few opportunities where families are dressed up all in one place beyond wedding days. And who wouldn’t want photos of all their families looking spiffy? BUT after shooting over 100+ weddings, I’ve seen it happen time and time again […]

Can’t use sparklers at your wedding? Alternative wedding send-off ideas Sparklers have become one of the most popular ways to do a grand exit! The sparkler, the romance, the dash towards the getaway car. It’s everything dreams are made of! However, there are quite a few reasons why couples must look for wedding exit sparkler […]

As a wedding photographer, you’d be surprised how many couples reach out to me before they’re ready to book because they all have the same question: how to pick your perfect wedding date? I talk to couples every day who are so overwhelmed by the number of options and choices available to them. You have […]

In the Northwest corner of San Francisco, you will find one of my favorite hidden gems: the Legion of Honor (one of my favorite San Francisco engagement photo locations!). It’s nearby Land’s End and allows you to peek at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge just across the bay. It’s no secret why Legion of Honor […]

You’re engaged!!! I’m sure wedding plans are swirling around your head now that the time has finally come! I know it’s easy to skip right over planning what I think is one of the most fun occasions during this season: your engagement session. After all,  you’re dreaming up grand plans for your big day, it’s […]

If you’re puzzled about the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner, you wouldn’t be the first. Chances are you don’t get married every day (I mean, who does?), which makes making important planning (and financial) decisions like deciding to hire a wedding planner (or just using a venue coordinator) a little bit […]

If you caught my post last week about Laguna Gloria, you know I’ve been featuring the best Austin wedding venues I’ve shot at (including those in the greater Austin area like Dripping Springs). I couldn’t do this series without talking about one of my OG Austin favorites: Canyonwood Ridge! Before I go on to talk […]

When I first started my photography business, wedding albums were the last thing on my mind. After all, why buy a wedding album when you could just look at your digital gallery on your phone? And honestly, I was just trying to get it together each wedding without worrying about printed products. (#strugglebus) I have […]

As a wedding photographer, I shoot at A LOT of wedding venues – I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you. Enough to know that all wedding venues are not created equal in terms of the best Austin wedding venues. I can shoot at any venue, but there is a big place in my photographer heart that […]

“Real Wedding Advice” is a new ongoing blog series where PVP couples share honest-to-goodness, real wedding planning advice about how they created the wedding of their dreams, how they prepared for married life, how they hired their vendors, what they wish they would have differently, what they would never change and how they put what […]


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