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Wedding Advice: How to Get Your Best Wedding Hair and Makeup

Apr 12, 2019

As much as I know about weddings, my knowledge of wedding hair and makeup is slim to none! I know the basics, like, not picking a long flowy “half-up/half-down” hairstyle if you’re getting married in the summer and your hair frizzes easily, but when it comes to making sure you’re primed and ready for the big day? Then I have to refer you to Laura Luna at LoLa beauty. I’ve had the pleasure of working with LoLa many times and Luna specifically has always made my brides look and feel their best. Today she’s sharing how to get your best wedding hair and makeup! (Peep some of her work in this blog, too!)

 How to Get Your Best Wedding Hair and Makeup by Laura Luna of LoLa Beauty

Healthy skin should be your first step. If you want that flawless, glowing skin, it starts with a skincare regimen. 6-12 months out: You should have an established skincare routine. Every woman should have one already and if not, it’s a good idea to start now. One week out: I also recommend treating yourself to a facial at least a week before the wedding. My favorite for brides and bridesmaids are hydrafacials, and an extra service to help the makeup go on perfectly smooth, is dermaplaning. On the day of your wedding: you should do your normal skincare routine. You can apply moisturizer, but avoid any SPF greater than 20. Exfoliating your lips is also a good idea! Skin is so important for a good makeup application.

Bring realistic inspiration photos to your appointment. Seek photos that are similar to your hair length and color, as well similar skin tone and eye shape. Since you’re often one of the last people to get your hair and make up done, be sure to share any specific looks you have for yourself or your bridesmaids to make sure there isn’t an overlap. You can also have pictures of how you normally do your makeup on a night out or date night to help keep the makeup timeless. Makeup trends are just that: trends. You want to look back and not regret you used that green eye shadow. 😉

Arrive with clean, dry hair. We have all heard dirty hair holds a style better, but stylists can give your hair the texture and grit it needs to hold a style. Also, if you have extensions, make sure they’re in or at least ready for you stylist to place in.

Timeliness is key. Wedding day timelines start to go awry during hair and make up. Be ready to go once it’s your turn: have your skincare routine done, teeth brushed, robe on and inspiration photos ready. Also be sure to have any hair accessories ready to go so you don’t have to get up once it’s your turn. 🙂

Prepare a little touch up kit. It doesn’t hurt to pack a touch up kit for those *oopsie* moments. Some things to include: oil blotting sheets, translucent powder, your lipstick sample, eyelash glue. It can’t hurt to lean on the safer side of things just in case you need to touch up your lashes or help one of your gal pals out.

Don’t be afraid to be honest and open with your artist. Be honest with your artist if you don’t like something, it’s easier to fix it before you leave the chair than later in the day when your stylist has left for the day. It doesn’t hurt our feelings, it makes us happy to see everyone else happy.

The advice doesn’t stop here! Check out the rest HERE!

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