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Wedding Planning Advice: Why You Should Invest in an Album

When I first started my photography business, wedding albums were the last thing on my mind. After all, why buy a wedding album when you could just look at your digital gallery on your phone? And honestly, I was just trying to get it together each wedding without worrying about printed products. (#strugglebus) I have to laugh when I think about how young and naïve I was when I first started, because now, I’m the girl who keeps her sample albums on her desk at all times, just so I can look at them, hold them and relive those days just a little bit longer (and to show anyone who will look – let’s be real – I’m just a tad obsessed with my couples). But as the years have gone on, I decided I couldn’t NOT provide albums to my clients. It was my responsibility to provide products that personify the meaning of marriage and love and creating something that stands the test of time.

You may be asking yourself “Should I buy a wedding album?”

Here’s my take on why this investment is worth it:

Why you should invest in a wedding album?

You’re investing in your first family heirloom as a couple. After the wedding celebration has come and gone, there are really only two things that remain: your brand new spouse (yay!!) and your wedding photographs. Albums are expensive. And, they SHOULD be. Albums don’t just store photos, they store memories, they tell stories. Pictures are meant to be used, held and enjoyed. Albums will continue to be great storytellers long after the Facebook “likes” disappear & the USBs are forgotten. A custom wedding album is a forever family heirloom that tells your story like no other product can.

You’re creating something that will be cherished. You’ll open your wedding album up on a rainy day and flip through a few pages in a moment of quiet. You’ll break it open to end your first fight and reminisce the feelings you felt when you married the love of your life. And then, one day, little ballerina fingers and hands shaped just like his will stumble upon it as you start to relive the start of your legacy with your children. That is an experience (not just a product) that is truly PRICELESS and worthy of an investment that will last a lifetime! With modern technology, couples now have the ability to easily design their own photo books, but those books will soon fall apart and become weathered from us. It’s important to invest in something that will stand the test of time.

You’re avoiding “never getting around to it.” I think it’s a byproduct of having the mental cushion/comfort of “I can always do it later- after all, I have the digital files, don’t I? There’s no rush.” But the problem is that most of the time, you DON’T do it later. Not because you don’t want to, but because life is busy and after spending a year planning your wedding, you’re ready to settle into married life. When my couple purchases their album when booking their wedding, they get to come home from their honeymoon to find an album designed for them that all they have to do is say “yes!” to, because I take all the work out of it for them.

Prioritizing an album tailor-made to tell your unique story. From the size, the color, to the photos inside, your album is designed to fit your unique story. I comb through your photos to highlight the most “you” photos – the ones that will make you laugh, make you cry and make you absolutely swoon. You deserve to have that editorial perspective I’ve spent years developing to design something incredible (aka, no templates here!)

You’re ensuring you’re protecting your memories for decades to come.  In a day when it’s all too easy to let your photos live solely on a computer or iPhone, my vision is that you and your families will print and enjoy your gorgeous photographs in a real, tangible way! Because with as quickly as technologies and file storage changes (remember when laptops had CD drives?), prints & albums are the ONLY way to absolutely ensure your photographs can be enjoyed for years to come.

Here’s what my couples had to say:

  • Tracy + Will: “Our actual wedding day flew by so fast, and with the rush of emotions and everything else it is hard to remember all the details. Ordering a wedding album was one of the best decisions I made because it helped capture every moment down to the details, and I get to relive all the big and small moments every time I open it. The albums are absolutely stunning! Incredibly sturdy, beautifully designed, and well worth every penny spent. The quality of the album is really what drew me to ordering one. Anyone can order a photo album from Shutterfly or wherever else but I promise you the quality will not be the same. The weighted pages, the linen cover, the glossiness of the photos, and the color quality of each photo could never even be compared to those you could make yourself. This album is going to last for generations. I honestly can’t wait to show my grand kids one day, or look back on them on my 50th wedding anniversary. It is a book that envelopes one of the best moments of our lives.”
  • Paige + Shan: “I think it’s reliving our special day that makes me glad that we invested in a wedding album. I think that photographs are an incredible way to relive a moment and I love that Paige was able to capture moments that I didn’t even get to see. Reviewing the photo album allowed me relive the whole day! I thought the album was BEAUTIFUL! It outlined all of the best moments of the day and displays them perfectly.” When I asked her if she’s encourage other couples to invest int their own wedding album she said:  “100% YES! I think you would be disappointed if you didn’t get an album. I like to make albums on my own and nothing compares to the album that I received. It is a solid 10 out of 10 in regards to appearance and quality.”
  • Meagan + Scott: “We are so glad we invested in it because we wanted something high quality that we could pass along to our kids and would last! We wanted to be able to have something to show guests and that we could physically look through in the years to come. We adored the final album! The pictures were so high quality and the pages were very thick. We knew we really made a great investment.  I would absolutely recommend investing in an album! Just remember it’s something you will pay for once and you will be so glad to see the highlights of the day in these pages for years to come.”

You ready to start telling your story? Send me a note and let’s start dreaming together! Want to see more of these weddings? Check out Tracy and Will’s here and Alex and Matt’s here!

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