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How to Sneak in a Little Alone Time on Your Wedding Day

Oct 29

How to Sneak in a Little Alone Time on Your Wedding Day

There is so much happening leading up to your wedding day, it seems like a feat just to plan the must-have moments (like making sure the groomsmen bring their tuxes or ensuring everyone is fed). Planning alone time with your new spouse on the wedding day can easily be forgotten in the midst of it all, but it’s one of those things that if it happens, it can greatly benefit your wedding day experience – after all, it’s all about you two getting married, isn’t it? 😉

Plan on sneaking away for a few minutes here and there where you two can be alone to savor the moment. Here’s how!

How to Sneak in a Little Alone Time on Your Wedding Day

Arrange a first look

I know, I know…I’ve said it a million times before, but having a first look can truly transform your wedding day (read more about that here). As it relates to your alone time, first looks allow you to be TOGETHER and alone on your wedding day. Normally portraits are a little rushed after the family formals, and it can be hard to really get back into that “lovey-dovey” mode…. especially with family around! When you have just shared your first look, you’re READY to love on each other, and I always capture some super sweet images during those moments!

Sneak in a toast (just the two of you!)

After the ceremony, send all your family and wedding party back to the photographer for group photos and take 2-3 minutes to do a toast with your spouse. Enjoy the time together and the bubbly and then get back to your photographer 😉 Even just a few moments can go a long way!

When Your Marriage License is Signed

Now depending on what start you live in, you may or may not actually sign your marriage license yourself, but when your officiant pulls you aside for them to sign the license, take this time to savor the quiet, even if your best man or maid of honor is there as a witness.

Driving from Ceremony to Reception

Most of the time having different locations for ceremony and reception can be a little stressful, but if you’re in the situation where you will be traveling between places, enjoy the ride to the reception together. Talk about what you’re most excited about, something funny that happened earlier in the day or even just listen to your favorite music together. Soon you’ll be amongst all your family, friends and the party!

Talk to your planner + Caterer about a private first meal

We’ve all heard about the couple that never got to eat their wedding meal because they were hugging and greeting all their guests. Keep your energy up and spend time with your new spouse by arranging to eat first before the guests in a private first meal, which often times happens in the bridal suite. This one takes a little more coordination with your planner, caterer and photographer, but it’s worth it!


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