Hey there! I'm Paige, a nationally published photographer, corgi + mashed potato enthusiast with a knack for heartfelt storytelling. Whether you see me behind the camera or on the dance floor with my couples, you are likely to see me having the time of my life. Based in ATX and the Bay Area.




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I think it’s implied that when you decide to get Homeslice Pizza engagement photos done, you’re automatically some of the coolest people I know. Tori and Ric were no exception. I mean, when pizza is LIFE, then it’s no surprise that all the local pizza joints know your face. When Tori and Ric suggested the […]

As originally seen on Let’s Bee Together modern rustic hill country wedding – stacey & aaron Stacey and Aaron actually lived 4 doors down from each other for almost a year before meeting. It wasn’t until a rainy day that they met outside on the sidewalk while Stacey was walking her dog and Aaron was […]

Where do I start with this Seattle destination engagement session? Do I start off with the fact that we did three sessions in three days? Or do we talk about how amazing and adventurous Caroline and Kyle are for electing to do a destination engagement session? Or do we start off my saying how thankful […]

If you’ve attended a wedding, you know there are A LOT of different types of venues – some rustic, some modern, some classic and some that are hard to describe. Laguna Gloria is one of those places – it has just the right mix of Italy, France and the Texas Hill Country. If you read […]

The rain may have threatened our fun (per usual), but this Stonehouse Villa wedding ended up being one of the most perfect weddings I’ve ever had the honor of capturing. Between Ryan and Rachael’s cheerful attitudes, their KILLER outfits, sweet Zoey (their puppy), beer burros (I KNOW!), cookie cake wedding cake and a wedding party […]

If you’re puzzled about the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner, you wouldn’t be the first. Chances are you don’t get married every day (I mean, who does?), which makes making important planning (and financial) decisions like deciding to hire a wedding planner (or just using a venue coordinator) a little bit […]

Okay, I’m just going to state the obvious! LOOK AT THAT PUPPY FACE! I was so happy Hailey and Hunter’s sweet puppy could join us for their Circle C engagement photos. These two are the perfect pet parents, which is no surprise given how well they fit together. Thier “how they stated dating” is a […]

If you caught my post last week about Laguna Gloria, you know I’ve been featuring the best Austin wedding venues I’ve shot at (including those in the greater Austin area like Dripping Springs). I couldn’t do this series without talking about one of my OG Austin favorites: Canyonwood Ridge! Before I go on to talk […]


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