Hey there! I'm Paige, a nationally published photographer, corgi + mashed potato enthusiast with a knack for heartfelt storytelling. Whether you see me behind the camera or on the dance floor with my couples, you are likely to see me having the time of my life. Based in Austin, Texas.




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Engagement season is upon us and I know there are SO many couples out there who are just wondering where to even start with this whole planning process! The first things couples do to set the tone for the rest of the wedding day: you pick a date (and a season), you book a venue […]

It’s easy to want the work year to be over so one can enjoy Christmas and the new year, but not for me! I was counting down the days until Caroline and Joe’s wedding. We spent months leading up to the big day coordinating via emails, calls and texts, and it all went by so […]

I first met Morgan my second semester of college when we became roommates (and friends)! It was there where I got to know Morgan as the beautiful, confident, honest, loyal and incredibly sweet girl that would soon come to fall in love with Bret. Their amazing wedding day was what all weddings should be: elegant, classic […]

While my bread and butter is wedding photography, this family session seriously had me questioning that focus, because these humans are just as incredibly beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. I’m also lucky enough to be COUSINS with these magnificent humans, which also means I couldn’t say no to capture their family photos […]

As I am typing this blog, we are down the wire before the launch, and truthfully, for the past couple weeks, I’ve had to remind myself the new website wasn’t already launched. Branding and migrating the PVP website feels little unreal though, too. I’m excited and nervous to be sharing this with you – there […]

Elizabeth got to Texas as quickly as she could (as do most people, right?), originally hailing from southern California but then moving to El Paso, TX. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Bryan was born and raised in Arlington, TX.  Stars aligned when they both met in Austin while they were both students at […]

Cassie and Steve’s engagement photos didn’t start out with the intention of being holiday-themed, but once I saw the front of the Hays County Courthouse, I suckered them into my holiday obsession. I mean – COME ON. Look at those wreaths! And Cassie’s red lip and stunner heels! Who could say no?! That paired with […]

Carmel and Jeremy are almost-high school sweethearts, first clicking during their Project Graduation when Carmel was playing an arcade game (and won the jackpot – by the way!), hugged Jeremy randomly since he was closest to her. And before they knew it, three parties later, she had a crush. Before they could start dating, Jeremy […]

You may remember, Camila + Juan met freshman year at UT when they had chemistry (I know, right?!) together. Their day was an extension of their sweet past. When I first talked to Camila + Juan, they told me their vision for their wedding was for it to very natural and relaxed. That’s when I knew […]

As you plan for your big day, chances are that you’ve thought about a first look. You’ve gone back and forth and decided that you want to go the traditional route, after all, that’s the way it’s been done for decades. Not that there is anything wrong with forgoing the first look, but not everyone […]


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