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Austin Wedding Venue Feature | Laguna Gloria

As a wedding photographer, I shoot at A LOT of wedding venues – I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you. Enough to know that all wedding venues are not created equal in terms of the best Austin wedding venues. I can shoot at any venue, but there is a big place in my photographer heart that really values good architecture, landscaping, light, ambiance and supportive venue staff, like The Contemporary Austin’s Laguna Gloria.

Personally, I love venues that find a balance between Texas charm with modern elegance and allow me to highlight the actual event space, not just the land around it.

Laguna Gloria NAILS this on the head. I love that it feels like a small French chateau, but the moment you turn around you see Mayfield Park, the rolling Texas hills and of course: THE WATER. Add in the bistro lights draped around the property and the creative vibes of the art school and countless sulptures on property and it’s the perfect location for a romantic ceremony and an alfresco wedding reception under the Texas skies and it makes Laguna Gloria one of the best Austin wedding venues!

I had a chance to capture their new Moody Pavilion community opening and it reminded me just how much I love this space.Be sure to check out a few of my sessions there (like Emily + Jimmy’s engagements), too – I promise you’ll love it too!

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