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The new rebrand is HERE (with a giveaway!)

Dec 8

Minimalistic photography rebrand

As I am typing this blog, we are down the wire before the launch, and truthfully, for the past couple weeks, I’ve had to remind myself the new website wasn’t already launched. Branding and migrating the PVP website feels little unreal though, too. I’m excited and nervous to be sharing this with you – there is so much of my heart within the pages of this new online home, it’s easy to feel a little vulnerable, too. I have to say, more than anything, I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE HERE. I hope wherever you are reading this, you have puppies in your lap and a smile on your face as you celebrate this milestone with me.

I’ve slowly been sharing this news with clients, friends and family over the past month, and I wanted to answer a few FAQs they have asked, in case you’re curious (and if you’re reading this, you’re probably curious 😉 ):

Did you just do this a year ago? What’s new?

You are 1000% right! I did a light visual rebrand of my previous website to update portfolio work and have a more modern feel to my online experience, and as much as I love the simplicity and minimalism of my old website, if I’m being honest, it never really felt like ME. It felt like I was trying to fit into a box with so many other photographers and instead of being an extension of my personality, it fell short.

My new visual brand was designed by an expert, the lovely Hannah over at Foxwood Studios, who helped me create something that says “I’m Paige, I’m high-end but laid back, a little silly, but mostly sweet. I’m a crazy dog lady who LOVES the daylights out of my clients and being a PVP bride is unlike anything else in this world.” And you can ask me HOW she did it, but I wouldn’t know. She really is able to capture the heart of a business. Her design skills, paired with my web design (and Jen Olmstead’s amazing refinemenent) created this little dumpling of a brand. 🙂

More than anything, I hope my new brand communicates what is truly like to be my client. Not only does it mean you have a cheerleader/friend for life, but it means you are going to have SO MUCH FUN that you want to get married over and over again. (Thank goodness anniversary sessions are a thing, right?)

Hold up – is your business name different? I can’t put my finger on it…

Oooooo, you’re observant! I like you already! YES. You nailed it. Paige Vaughn Photography is now PAIGE VAUGHN PHOTO! Hollllllllllllla. Not a crazy change, just a slight modification to fit the new brand: it’s shorter, more straightforward and a little more laid-back. It feels a little more approachable, too. 🙂 Best part? I get to keep PVP as an acronym.

I see you have increased your prices slightly. What has changed about the client experience?

Another excellent question, friend. Yes! With the rebrand comes a completely revamped wedding experience. My new packages are simplified and include some major upgrades (like offering a second photographer, as well as gorgeous heirloom wedding albums). There are also a few easter eggs hidden throughout the client experience (like a new exclusive Facebook community for my bride tribe to ask planning questions/get vendor recs/get to know eachother) that all-around lend to a more supported, hands-on wedding consultation and planning process. The good thing is: the same, timeless, fine art photography and portraiture remains consistent.

Are you still offering graduation and senior photography?

I will be taking on a limited number of graduation commissions each semester, but yes, I will be taking on a few seniors every season, because my grads are INCREDIBLE and I will never fully give up on my roots of grad photos.

Are you still taking on weddings for 2018?

Ding ding ding! That’s the winning question. YES GIRL. I have a few spots left for next year that I’d love to book. Are you a laid-back, joyful and hilarious couple in love? It sounds like you need to enter my giveaway – I’m gifting TWO engagement sessions to celebrate and give a little something back to you.

All you need to do to enter is:

  • Share your email here!
  • Like/share my most recent Facebook post
  • Comment/tag a few friends on the Facebook post to tell me you’ve done all of the above!
  • That’s it! 🙂 The contest will run until January 3, with the winner being announced on January 8!

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