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Homeslice Pizza Engagement Photos | Tori + Ric

I think it’s implied that when you decide to get Homeslice Pizza engagement photos done, you’re automatically some of the coolest people I know. Tori and Ric were no exception. I mean, when pizza is LIFE, then it’s no surprise that all the local pizza joints know your face.

When Tori and Ric suggested the Homeslice Pizza in the North Loop area of Austin, I didn’t know what to expect, but we were greeted with the CUTEST little walk-up window and a quirky, totally-Austin bar. I felt like I was really third-wheeling a day date with these two as they sipped cocktails and made each other crack up hysterically.

After we finished our pizza, we headed to their home neighborhood of Mueller do some more “classic” engagement photos. One thing that jumped out at me was how natural these two are together. Combine that for their affinity for movies and puppies (they have two!!!), and it’s easy to want to become best friends with this couple.

Soak up all the tasty ‘zza and good vibes with some of my favorites from their session below!

Homeslide Pizza Engagement Photos Homeslice Pizza Engagement Photos Austin Homeslice Pizza Engagement Photos Austin Homeslice Pizza Engagement Photos Austin

If you loved these Homeslice Pizza engagement photos, then you will LOVEEEE this pizza + beer session at The ABGB!

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